Ladder Prediction

The aim of the ladder prediction is to predict how the ladder will look at the end of the home and away season. This is probably our favourite aspect of footy predictions.

The ladder prediction generally come from running 10,000 (or more) hypothetical seasons based on current ladder standing, team ratings, and the remaining fixture.

At this point the predictions use the cold or static method where team ratings do not change throughout the year. The alternative is using a hot or dynamic method which involves continuing to change team ratings through the hypothetical season. This is still a debated method in the footy prediction world.

In our opinion, the dynamic method just adds variability which can be easily done in other ways. However, the jury's out over whether they are equivalent or not.

Top 8 chance line graph race (supersedes my old bar chart races)

Ladder & race graphs updated: 28th Mar 2022